RANT TIME – Child Avs

Haven’t done a rant post in awhile..here we go!

As I’ve said in previous posts, I’ve been on SL for a long time. I’ve seen it all..the highs..the lows..the furries with 8 penises around their waist like a belt..you know..the usual! Child avatars back in the day were around..but barely. I would see like maybe one every month..if even, pretty much like my rage period. But now a days it’s like no matter where the hell I go I see like..atleast 3 or 4 all grouped up together like the damn Lollipop Guild. I’ve been to Adult areas where they sell like the sluttiest clothes and have seen child avs there..no joke.

Don’t get me wrong..I love reconnecting with my youth..I buy toys and candy all the time in real life and watch cartoons and my SL inventory consists of mostly wacky avs and things that go boom. But, there is something very, very strange to me about wanting to be a child on Second Life or even on any game or roleplaying situations. To me..a child av on SL is pretty much like putting a child in the red light district of Amsterdam. The one thing SL is known for the most is sex..everyone knows that..stories about people getting cheated on have been in the media and what not all the time. Why put a child..even a virtual “roleplaying” one..in a place where there’s GOING to be sexual situations all the time?

Now..on the subject of roleplaying. Roleplaying is great! It’s always fun to get into a characters shoes and kind of write out a novel in real time. But, when it comes to a relationship like a mother/father and child relationship..I don’t know. Most of the SL “parents” I’ve seen are incredibly awkward..there was one that was dressed up with her hooha hanging out and her nipples almost showing and she was not even roleplaying besides going “TEEHEE COME HERE SON.” And most of the children act like slaves with “Yes mommy.” “Whatever you say mommy.” It’s really creepy. It seems like most of the people that play the parents also have children IRL and are usually of middle age..from what I understand of anyone that has kids..why the hell would you want to have more? Even more so on a video game..come on. It’s supposed to be your off time!

True story, me and Gornax used to know someone that had like 10 SL kids..swear to god. One time she was talking to this full grown man just like chatting and we were like,“Who is this?” And she goes..“Oh this is my son, he hasn’t been born yet.” We were like “WHAAAAAAAAT!?!” Like talking to your unborn son that’s a full grown man like….WHAT? In a roleplaying sense that doesn’t even make sense. So, what I assume is that it’s just about lack of parental love IRL or lack of love from your children IRL. It’s not even a roleplaying thing at all, not something to have fun with at all..that is what most of them say when I ask why they do the whole child thing. It’s about all about attention in my opinion.

And the way child avs look..phew..do I even need to get into that? Look at the picture above..seriously. How can anyone look at those..things..and go AWWW? They must need some glasses or something cause..oh god. I enjoy smaller races in fantasy stuff, I have no problems with midgets or dwarves at all, I think they’re incredible people. But seriously..trying to pass those avs off as children is just..disturbing to say the least. They look like Gollum from LOTR, seriously..like a bunch of lil Gollums running around being like “Mmm..me wants some fish mommy..*COUGH HACK WHEEZE*” That might actually make it better though.

The way they type..oh god..please no..that’s what usually gets me the most,“hewo mommie, do u want 2 pway?” Every time I see that baby talk and the lazy typing ..phew. When they “NORMALLY” type they do the same thing..like..I swear it confuses me to death. I’ve had fights with child avs where they only talk like that but still say curses..it’s incredibly stupid. If you’re going to try and prove to me that you’re mature and know what you’re doing..might want to take the time to type like you know the English language.

Maybe like..if Linden Labs could make an option to start off as a child and you’re restricted to sims that are only for child avs and parents..I would be okay with it. Most of the child avs I’ve seen have had escort places or sex bed places in their profiles..and will completely deny that they have them in there..and that’s NOT okay. At the least if you play a child av you should be forced to sign an agreement that you can’t go into adult or moderate areas. I’m sorry to sound like a dictator but really..child avs should only be allowed in G areas. Rating systems never work..ever.

I know that having a child av is NOT against the terms, only if they’re displayed in a sexual way. Many child avs I see though are usually dressed like their “mommy” which means they have a mini skirt on and their underwear showing and what not. It’s not cool..it’s not cute..it’s just wrong. I’m not saying that every person that has a child av is a pedo, or every parent is too..but..it’s such a common thing on the internet..it’s hard not to imagine it being extremely possible. SL is a dirty..dirty place..anyone that says otherwise is lying through their teeth.

And..hate to be a stereotyping mofo..but..I’m going to be! Most of the people that play child avs or parents..tend to be kind of stupid to say the least. Like the AOL leet speak sort of people..or the ghetto gangstas that for some reason have to type in Ebonics. There has to be a connection there, I’m sorry. I haven’t met ONE parent or ONE child av that I’ve actually been able to have a normal intelligent conversation with. Most of them tend to be hillbillies as well..just sayin’.

So, in closing, child avs are creepy. I’m sure a lot of people think otherwise and I might get a bunch of slack from this..but..I just can’t have grown adults controlling a virtual child. Just the idea alone has bad news written all over it. I’m a person that plays a chick with…something extra..and people are going to find that weird too. But..ahhh..things dealing with children..that’s just morally screwed up and totally illegal. You go up to any person on the street and ask ,”What do you find weirder, a shemale or a person playing a child on an online game that has sex in it?” My bets most of them are going to say the latter.

Anyways, if you got through all of this..I salute you..even if you hate me now. It’s been pent up for a long time…and I figure I might as well get my opinion out there. Give me some feedback, just don’t try to assassinate me!


14 thoughts on “RANT TIME – Child Avs

  1. *stands and claps*

    Freedom of choice to be WHOEVER you are on SL is one thing, being a CHILD on SL and ACTIVELY participating in ADULT relationships while in a CHILD avi is another thing.

    I respect the choices of people who decides to RP a child in SL, it IS their choice, BUT, when you RP a child who HAS SEX? That’s just WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG no matter what people say.

    IF you want sexy times, and IF you are a child avi on your main, make an alt! OR even have another bloody avatar that doesn’t LOOK or TALK like a child. The amount of child avis that i have personally kicked and banned off clubs in SL is numerous. WHY would you want to go to CLUBS with a CHILD avi? If you’re not legally allowed to IRL, why would you be so butthurt when we boot you off the sim when you refuse to change your avi.

    • I agree completely with you. If there were General areas specifically for child RP I would be fine with it. But when they bring it out into public and into adult areas and expect people to be okay with that..I’m not sure what they’re thinking.

      I’ve actually seen child avs in a RP area called the Crack Den I believe? Where it’s all about drugs and kidnapping and rape. Very wrong.

      • That’s actually not true. The Crack Den is about immersive storyline roleplay, which can include those things, but it is definitely not the only main themes anymore. Just an urban roleplay environment. And if a situation gets too violent or at all sexual, the child character has to leave, no questions asked. Which they all know.

  2. I have a child av. I don’t go on her much, but she is there and I have her for a reason :) I didn’t have the best childhood in RL, and when there is no possibility of going backwards and reliving the past in real life, second life is, although it is really no comparision, the only chance you get to be a “child” again. When I go on SL as her, I can be playful and free and feel safe. I am 19 in RL, so maybe not around the same age as other child avs, and maybe my priorities and reasons why I am on SL are different to others, but so far I am unaware of that as I don’t really socialise with anybody on my child av. I guess you could say my alt is not typical child av, which is worrying as everything you stated in your post is deemed “typical” of child avs in many people’s eyes, and much of the information about child avs that you have shown is morally wrong. I agree that child avs can be seen in the most awful of places. I agree that I’ve also seen many with very controversial groups in their profiles. The ones I have seen also talk like they only posess half a brain, and so if all this is what the people in SL see the most, no wonder people hate them. I don’t think child avs should be banned, and I certainly think that there should be limits as to where they can go on the grid. At the moment, SL is a dangerous place if you walk around as a child av, and you most definitely need to know where the hell you are and who you are talking to or you could suddenly find yourself lost in a mature sim thinking it’s okay to be there, when really it’s just disturbing for others and it’s giving off bad signals.
    Anyway enough ranting from me! That’s just my opinion :)

  3. I totally agree with you! I’ve seen more child avis in the past few months than in a couple of years altogether on SL. And, although I don’t understand why someone would like to play a child, I totally respect them. What is wrong is like in your middle pic, what is a little doing running around the grid in grown up underwear???? I don’t think it’s easy for LL to implement a restriction plan on child avis since the imagination is the limit to what you avi can look like and we all know that they’re lots of creeps out there! So child avi in a BALANCED family setting is fine… Child avi running around half naked on mature and adult sims is a definite NO NO by my standards!

  4. Well said, SL is for over 18’s but from what i have seen and heard on sl the age limit should be 21! I heard that they may let 16 year olds on the main sl and to me thats so wrong, if we can have age limits in RL… do it SL too, dont forget it might be your child getting into the seedy sexual element SL has and i dont want that for my child let alone anyone elses :)

  5. So your post made me laugh….alot, especially the pictures. I must say, my character, whom roleplays in combat is short, and a neko. When i leave the roleplaying community, I get accused of being a child avatar constantly. Which is not the case, IM a freakin cat for freaks sake – as if my tail doesnt give them the MAJOR hint >.>

    Anyways – agreed with the children avys, they simpley make me do a double take O_o!!! But please people, if u see a small avy with a god dayam tail on – WE ARE NOT CHILDREN xDDD lol

  6. I agree Sithas. If LL actually ENFORCED theer rules about child av’s, posts like this might not occur. For those people that have them and for whatever reasons, to each their own. Just don’t expect me to treat you like a child when you walk around dressed like a mini version of a hooker.

  7. “bunch of lil Gollums running around being like “Mmm..me wants some fish mommy..*COUGH HACK WHEEZE*”

    Thank you for this post. Your delivery on a serious subject cracked me up. I find child avatars to be creepy, almost always badly RP’d and rarely dressed like a kid actually would. I usually just walk in the complete opposite direction when I run into one of the gaggles of them that have invaded the grid. Ignoring them as if they don’t exist
    I would have no problem with them being around if they were completely restricted to G rated areas. Especially with the RL kid invasion of the grid that is coming

  8. perina :

    That’s actually not true. The Crack Den is about immersive storyline roleplay, which can include those things, but it is definitely not the only main themes anymore. Just an urban roleplay environment. And if a situation gets too violent or at all sexual, the child character has to leave, no questions asked. Which they all know.

    This is pretty shifty and riding the TOS. Child Avatars shouldn’t even be in a spot for potential adult situations; Even them happening around them. That puts a lot of shady spots in and around them. They shouldn’t be allowed in any sim, especially one named The Crack Den, that has rape, murder or violence. Period. It’s just ridiculous to say that it’s okay because they “know the rules”.

    • It’s not shifty at all. LL is completely aware of CD and what goes on there, has been for years, and the owners know a number of the Lindens personally. What happens in roleplay is simply that, roleplay, and ageplay is STRICTLY prohibited as per SL’s TOS. It’s an urban roleplay environment. There’s normal everyday life RP, there’s gang RP, there’s some sex RP, but its really not happening in public much at all. Drugs? Part of a character’s storyline, but if one thinks its just a bunch of crack addicts laying around, then one hasn’t been to CD in a loooong time. The owners and many of the people who roleplay there are well aware of the guidelines, which do allow child avatars in these situations, and the sim is kept to code.

      • Clarification: “The owners and many of the people who roleplay there are well aware of the guidelines, which do allow child avatars in these situations,” <~aside from sexual situations. Not allowed at all. :)

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