[TRUTH.] 8.19.2010

(Saffron, Seraphina and Evangeline)

This weeks truth release came with the start of the HALF OFF HAIR SALE. OH MY GOD HAIR. Regardless, they are also included in the 125L per hairpack/400L per fatpack sale. The sale is on both sims but both are staying pretty busy. You have until the end of August though, so if you need to pick up some new hair or some hair you already have in other colours, keep trying!

Seraphina’s little flowers make me feel like a nymph, not gonna lie and Evangeline is perfect for being an elfy princess; Same goes for Saffron. Which makes me feel like the names fit perfectly, they’re all very airy names. Evangeline and Saffron come with streaked and normal versions while Seraphina comes with colour change flowers!

Head on over to truth to pick them up and take part in THE BEST SALE EVER @ Truth.

Other items in this post include lingerie by ARMIDI, Eyelashes by REDGRAVE, Facepaint by TYRANNY DESIGNS, Skin/Ears by ESUGA, Eyes by TURQUOISE UNICORN STUDIOS

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