[Candydoll.] – Lolita

(High resolution found @ Flickr.)

These have been floating in my inventory for a few days. I try to take extra precautions for things I need to blog to not get lost within my inventory. It’s been a hard time to do that, though; With all the sales going on I’ve been having a hard time even keeping money in my pocket. Still, I try my best to blog anything and everything I need to or want to while trying to maintain a RL Job, RL Schooling, SL Store as well as this blog. It’s a lot harder than you’d think, honestly. It’s all a lot harder than even I assumed it would be when I started. Still, I enjoy it and hope I’ll be here to stay, blogging-wise for a while.

These are the Lolita tops from Candydoll. Rebeca is always a sweetheart and throws her releases at me and hopes I like them. I always like them. Always. and these were no exception. The prim is resize scripted so it fits even my petite avatar easily and its ruffley texture really adds to the whole tiny-cutesy-girly vibe of the shirt.

Like always, head over to Candydoll @ Sedna :) You’ll love it!


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