(High Resolution @ Flickr.)

From all my posts today and probably some for a while, I’ve been skinned in skins from this cute shop called Esuga. I had seen them on Digi Pera’s flickr stream a while back and was given the name and oh my, instantly fell in love. I know a few people had seen my post on my flickr of me wearing the demo’s and I didn’t reply with a store name and that’s because I knew I had to blog them one day. Somehow.

The skin on the left is called Kemimi and has both a tooth and unopened mouth version (just teeth shown here). It’s a tanned-toned skin with great facial and body highlights as well as AWESOME BOOBIES. I won’t lie, Kemimi makes me feel like a dirty schoolgirl right out of a naughty futanari hentai game (like the ones by tinklebell) MY GUILTY PLEASUREEEEE.

The skin on the right is Kamael and comes with a shape, eyes, ears and the skin. It’s ADORABLE. The lips are so luscious and the sad brows are just so sweet looking. The skin is elven and has a pink tint to it but it would be great for role-playing. It even kind of reminds me of Xenosaga, almost KOS-MOS-esque and would fit in a lot of RP scenarios (even naughty ones! *cough*)

Visit Esuga for some of the cutest skins EVER @ NEO Aquel


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