(Akira, Audrey, Bailey, Fearne)

(Gloria, Grace, Harlow, Justine)

(Kirsty, Kase, Lucinda, Lydia)

(Marianne, Mavi, Milla, Nora)

(Sylvia, Twiggy, Saffron, Evangeline)

So far this is what I’ve acquired from my first raid of Truth. Epic but still not enough! I have an addiction with hair and like I said once before, the black and white packs of Truth’s are my favorite and I will never ever own enough. Mr. Hawks, if this is just a sale, I love you. If you’re planning on changing your textures on me, I will murder you. :3 teehee <3

Other items in this post include eyes by TURQUOISE UNICORN STUDIOS, Lashes by REDGRAVE, Skin/Ears by ESUGA, Tattoo by MOLOKO, Facepaint by TYRANNY DESIGNS.

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