*MW ilweran* – Del & Wild Dream Ears

Ahhh..elf ears. I haven’t worn them for so long. I’m a fan of elves though even if they are insanely trendy now. There’s something about a magical fancy race that I just tend to enjoy..and long ears make them easier to nibble on!

Now, we have two pairs of ears here from MW ilweran. Don’t be confused by my dual ear wielding! I’ll start off with the spiky ones.

The ears are called Del, I’m not sure how ears would get to be that shape but..I like it! The sculpt is good, texture is good, what I really like about them is they actually have a darkness where the opening of the ear is. It’s a very small detail but one that I like a lot because a ton of ears never have that, some ears don’t even have an opening at all which..doesn’t really make any sense..but these are detailed down to the hole, which is very spiffy. As you can see it comes with 2 versions, one has a more upwards curve to the sculpt, while the other is drooped a bit more. Both versions come with normal and freckled options, which I have never seen before in ears..so that is quite delightful..everyone loves options.

The other pair is called Wild Dream. The one with the larger gauge is called Wild Dark Dream, the other one with the smaller gauge is simply called Wild Dream. Personally I enjoy the smaller gauge more..but it’s nice they come with two options for size. The shining point for these ears is the tattoos on them. Now I can imagine getting a tattoo on your ear would hurt like hell..but that’s beside the point. You click on the ear and it brings up a menu..and then you can choose which tattoo you want..plenty of options for that, and then you can change the color of it as well. It’s a very handy feature. The sculpt on the ears is nice, nice and big. The bigger the ears the bigger the..well..you know. The piercings are simple, which is not a bad thing and I really like the blue detailing for the gauge and big ring on them.

Now, although these ears are separate pairs they do come with the same tinting HUD pictured above. It seems the ears are a base texture of white, and you work with colors to get the ear matching. Not the most complex HUD, but it works fine..I tinted my ears quite easily using it. They also have a save feature by clicking on the arrows so you can save your tints, which I love. Both ears also come with resize scripts in them which is never a bad thing.

In closing…nice sculpts, nice textures, nice detailing. Not the most crazy complex set of ears, but I find that to be a really good thing. Sometimes the best way to go about something is to keep it simple, but keep the quality high, and that is what MW ilweran has delivered.

So swing over to the mainstore and check out what they got! SLurl is here.

Flickr here.

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