Heya, this has sadly been coming for well over a month. I’ve procrastinated and procrastined but realize that I will never be able to do more without having to do this. This isn’t because I want to but because a company fails to deliver quality products. My laptop is being sent in for repair for what, the fourth time? I first sent it in because it’s input for charging was so loose I was unable to get it to charge. When it was returned to me, I began freezing. My DVD drive also did not work and so, I returned it again and nothing was fixed. I sent it in once again and the dvd drive got fixed, but I still froze if I opened Warcraft or plugged in anything USB related. If I accidentally opened up two youtube videos or used a webcam or voice. It’s a gaming laptop, bought because I move around a lot and because my desktop met a terrible fate in the hands of fedex and it’s high pricetag does nothing to counter its faulty components. I got it brand new in February and started having problems in May and they’ve only gotten worse.

My laptop currently has a piece of twine wrapped around the head of the charge cord and is maneuvered in what ever way I need it to go for the charging icon to pop up and then I tie it in place tightly. I have to do this multiple times a day as the input will wiggle into a different direction and I’ll have to figure out which way I need to tug it for the new position. It’s insane and should not have to be dealt with but whatever, I should’ve bought a mac. The specs on this laptop are superb and were the reason I chose it over a macbook but I sincerely regret that decision at this point.

I’ve been without it for quite an accumulation of time and it’s put me in a bad position. It was also bought so I could do schoolwork and without it, I’m basically just able to study endlessly. Regardless, tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be saying goodbye to my dear POS again and be shipping it out. This time, it’s being diagnosed by corporate where they send the data up to corporate manage so they determine if I need a replacement or completely new parts. Honestly, at this point, just give me a replacement but I’ll take what I can get while it’s still under warranty.

So, Sithas will be here but I will not for about three weeks or so. I have so much I still need to blog and do and set up and make but I’ve gotta get this done and once it’s done I won’t be as stressed and I’ll be able to get everything done I need to get done; Including anything I have that I still need to blog. Better late than never! I apologize for this as well, and I promise what ever I need to blog will get done once I’m back.

Baby arms and child avatars, here is your vacation from my wrath <3

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