[back!] (with LAQ lol?)

Well, my laptop will be returning to me in a few days so I thought I would take the time to say I’m back, though not officially until like the 13th? 12th? 14th? It’s dependent on when UPS delivers it back and if it is actually fixed. If it isn’t fixed, I will obviously be gone again because I will be flying to where ever their corporate office is and throwing the piece of shit through their main window, hopefully knocking someone unconscious with it.

Regardless, hi. A few people have seen me lurking around in world again, I’ve stolen a friends laptop until mine returns but it isn’t the greatest and I have to keep everything on low, with anti-aliasing and everything OFF. Oh god, the ridges. But yeah, I went and bought this LAQ skin this morning because it just came out. It’s more neutral and natural and I thought it was darling. It fit with my current endeavor. Which is, finding a nice RP sim for Sithas and I. I enjoy Gor as I have done Gor before but Sithas dislikes the idea of it and has met mostly asshole Goreans. Won’t lie, most are really stuck up and arrogant. I got ejected from Sais because I didn’t read the notecard. Sorry, I don’t read the notecards of sims unless they look active and well built so why don’t you message me before ejecting me without a word. Don’t worry, though. We won’t be coming there, we can already tell what kind of people RP there by your lack of tact.

Anyways, I won’t keep rambling. This was just a simple post to let people know I’m back in action and will return to regularly blogging and making peircings and shapes when I get my own laptop back and hope it is actually fixed (they said they replaced my faulty power supply). Shit I’m wearing is from:

Edit: Almost forgot, the freckles are the freckle layer from L. Fauna and I’m wearing the LAQ Blond Brow Kit. K thanks.

Hair is by TRUTH, Skin is by LAQROKI, Piercings by [twee.], Lashes are by REDGRAVE, Eyes are by NEGAPROSI (mixed prims), Lingerie and fingertape is by LINC, Shirt is by FISHY STRAWBERRY, Shoes are by SURF CO., Tattoo is by GARDEN OF KU, Necklace is by H.O.D., Wristcuffs are by COBRAHIVE, Freckles by L. FAUNA

4 thoughts on “[back!] (with LAQ lol?)

    • Hi hi, and of course! The pose is from one of the sets from Shopo.O, which is owned by Yoon Seomun

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  2. Oh jeez. Sais is horrid and full of egotistical jerkoffs. Be happy you got booted! *Nods lots*

    Sorry, I felt the need to give my 2cents! Haha. Your blog is epicness! <3

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