Look of the Dizznay – [aztec alien]

Been a long time since I blogged. Been pretty bored of SL in general..but oh well..what are ya gonna do? Happens to everyone at some point.

I was a dood again for..like..a few days..but then my babycakes over there turned me on to this skin from Redgrave. Normally I don’t like the super whiteout pale skins but this one is pretty stellar. I like how its kinda purplish, great shading, great face, all types of good, and it has some very nice boobs..always a plus!

BINA makes some great *almost pukes a lil bit* Gorean clothes..but I hate calling them that..so I’ll just say slutty fantasy clothes. The rags are great, cheap, comes with a bunch of other lil accessories. What more could you want? None more.

BUT THE SHINING STAR..of the things I’ve bought recently..oh lord..the eyes from Tokugawa. Glowing beautiful delicious well detailed prim eyes with color change for the pupils..yes. Pretty much what I’ve been looking for in terms of glowy tech eyes for a long time. They also have these killer goggles that I picked up, very cool stuff.

Anyways uhh..yeah..that’s it. I’m too hot and lazy to write more. Flickr here. Pic taken here.



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