[WTF.] 10/2/2010 [+triumphant return.]

(High Res + Outfit Credits @ Flickr.)

Finally! I am fully, completely and officially back. I have my new replacement laptop which is working great minus that it I need to play around with its GPU so that I can manage to use shadows again but if I can’t, I honestly don’t care. If and when shadows do actually arrive, they won’t be nearly as laggy or harsh towards a GPU like they are now, they’re extremely unstable at the moment and I’ll do with out if needed.

Being back actually means I get to work on piercings, shapes AND poses again. This also means I have to do a lot of schoolwork catch up while still keeping my job but regardless, giving up sleep to make sure I complete everything I want to do is doable. I will be playing Warcraft a lot again though, too so be prepared to see me on and off while I feed my wow addiction.

The main focus of this picture is my outfit and also my ass. My ass is here because I told myself that on my return I’d do this. That is, tell some people to kiss my ass. Not everyone, but they sure know who they are. They’re the people who like to think Second Life is there just for them. This includes content creators and bloggers/”fashionistas” or just people who lurk flickr.

I blog. I blog everything, right down to the fucking tattoo layers, eyelashes and eyeballs I’ve got on. When I see people attempting to covet their inventory because they don’t want anyone else to “look like them” or own it, I just see someone putting down the creator. If you love it that much, promote the god damn creator. I doubt they appreciate the smiting of possible customers due to your ego-based hoarding. Also, I’m pretty sure someone else, somewhere owns it or knows it and if someone really wants to know, all they have to do is network. It works.

This also means that I openly answer people who ask me what I’m wearing or wore in a picture. You can even inspect me for all I care, I’m not going to rage cause you right clicked my belt or hair. I’m not going to lag up everyone else by wearing an anti-inspect shield. If I like something someone makes, I’m going to make sure people know it. This gives me the chance of seeing other bad ass items being made because the creator is getting customer traffic instead of them just not building because for some reason no one seems interested.

I think the end to all this is, get over yourself. I saw something somewhere that quoted someone crying to someone about being credited in a blog post, flickr post or what ever because they “found the item first” and the reply was dead on. You didn’t make the item, you don’t need to be credited. It all comes down to, if you like it, share it. If you’ve got a blog, blog it cause someone, somewhere will blog it, buy it or wear it and I don’t want to see more drama over it. It’s retarded.

3 thoughts on “[WTF.] 10/2/2010 [+triumphant return.]

  1. I think i speak for both of us when i say “it’s hilarious to see people complaining and going to the extreme of ASKING people to change something because it looks like something they have or own. It’s second life and everyone wears everything. Get over it”

  2. Seriously? That is ridiculous! When someone IM’s me and asks where I got something I thank them for the compliment and then search my LM’s for the landmark to the store. It means the effort I placed into a look went noticed.

    You know, you’re always going to have people hating on you because you got more style then they do. You handle your shit well, Miss Verinne, and dont take it either. Keep being you!!

    Oh and WELCOME BACK!!

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