Look of the Dizznay – [tesla]

Not really so much look of the day..rather than..look of like 4+ weeks ago. Not sure why I never uploaded it.

One of my days at being a manly man. The best thing about being a dood is being able to rock suits and what not. The suit is from Super Possessed which is a great store with interesting stuff. The hair is from MADesign and normally I would never wear hair of that style..but I like it.

The sim it was taken at is here, and its a very cool place. All underwater and what not..Bioshock status really. Most people have probably gone to that sim before, but if you haven’t..definitely go check that out. They’re also adding in a flying city as well I believe.

Anyways..not much else to say really..haven’t been much in the mood for blogging these days. Second Life kinda just winds down for me sometimes..but oh well..might as well try to put out something.

Flickr here.


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