Yeah..I don’t know what’s wrong with me..but I look cute!

RunoRuno..great clothes..cheap as hell..can’t go wrong. I look like a band member from an all girl 90s grunge band..pretty fantastic if you ask me. I don’t own that much hat hair but I had to get that one from Lamb. Kind of expensive..not gonna lie..but definitely worth it cause of the sculpt and what not. Although..1 linden demos do piss me off. The glasses are from a hunt, the Make Him Over Hunt, no clue if it’s still going on or not. Thick, nerdy glasses are always the bomb..what’s not to like? Kumaki Glasses Style has literally WALL TO WALL of glasses..it’s pretty intense.

I took the pic here. Very cool skyboxes there. Tons of different ones that each have their own lil theme. Their demo system is awesome..you go into a lil bubble and float up to the skybox..its magical.

Flickr here.

I’ll leave you with the words of wisdom from my fortune cookie.

“Cooking is easy, doing dishes is the hard part.”


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