[TRUTH.] 10.7.2010

(High Res, Full credits @ Flickr.)

Annika | Blake | Leighton

It’s Truth Day again and he’s here to cover our cueballs with more gorgeous hair. I don’t know how he still manages to come out with new hair after so many but, never disappoints. Mr. Hawks keeps my head looking beautiful every god damn week and I would probably die from withdrawal if he ever stops releasing.

He’s been throwing out some really whimsical hairs lately. Breezy ones that are really great for photo’s and Annika fits that. I’m sure I’ll see a lot of fantastic pictures involving it with Autumn and all the pictures involving blown around leaves. Blake is adorable to me, the photo really doesn’t do it any justice so you really have to go demo it. The fact the the clip is super scripted with a ton of colours makes it so god damn awesome. Leighton comes with two options and this was really fantastic to me. A fully up-done chignon or a messy one with a decent amount of hair down to give it a little more diversity. I enjoy the one with the hair down because it makes the hair flow more and the extra waves are sexy.

The skirt and top that are flashin’ T&A (Tits and Ass to people unfamiliar with pervy interweb lingo) are from The Whore. I own a lot of hoar clothes but I rarely wear them. I thought I’d do it up today though, since I just felt like putting a little more nip on parade on the fashion feeds <3


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