Look of the Dizznay – [asura]

You have trained well in the fires, my son. BUT YOUR SKILLS ARE WEAK! WATAHHH!

Always have been a big fan of monks..there’s something very satisfying of a calm warrior that can explode a tank with a punch.

Losthaven is always one of my go-to places for badass armor or..badass anything really. Always good sculpts and unique stuff..although I do wish they would start making scripted weapons..they could do a fantastic job. A good hairbase was annoying to find because a lot of them are like..just a wavy hair texture and not a nice shaved one. But, I totally forgot AITUI had a hair section, and low and behold they had shaved..and fancy etched hairbases..so I got all over that. Gotta have something that goes well with a nice mohawk.

ANYWAYS, the pic was taken at yet another Dream Scene skybox, which you can check out here.

Flickr here with more info on the stuff and all that saucy jazz.


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