[gauze.] [+faun & demon hooves.]

(High Resolution and Credits @ Flickr.)

While I do occasionally go insane happy on shoes here and there, like new ones from Slink and other ones with great prim feet like Maitreya, for some reason I have this issue with paying almost 1000 L$ for one pair of shoes. Still, I’ve paid almost that much for a pair of hooves and when I saw these babies from Gauze the other night I was completely blown away that for 400 L$ you got a set of four colours in your style of choice where there are two. Obviously I ran and got both pairs, which come in black, white, silver and a honey colour in their, I think it was naturals set. Faun, on the left has more of a whimsical amazing sculpted fur while the demon hooves, on the right, sport hind-talons.

I really do love how slender these are and they utilize alpha layers so no worrying about invisiprims messing up your pictures. I for one, have removed invisiprims from all of my hooves and have alphas for them, they just look nicer that way and when I don’t have to do it myself because I’m fucking lazy, well it’s fantastic.

I will say I need to check up on gauze more, probably again tonight or so (which might be a long shot because new patch in warcraft is out and my soul is owned by it currently) for other things, including new hair because the other hair I owned from there was pretty great, not gonna lie. I know I own two old dresses and elf ears from before they rebranded in to gauze but stores only get better and seeing as they’re affiliated with trap, which has great unique and perfectly sculpted items, it means that they can probably do no wrong either.

Regardless, my picture honestly does these hooves no justice at all. Anyone who wears digitigrades or roleplays or just collects them really need to head over and pick up both pairs. I love when new hooves come around and these will probably be my other half for a long time.

Now, all I need are more droopy ears and more twitchy faun tail options <3

Other items in this post include hair by kin, sweater by the whore, eyes by plastik, skin by esuga, tattoo by para designs, shorts by sassy kitty, belt by blitzed, tail by titania’s court, piercings by [twee.] and lashes by redgrave.

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