[skin hoar.] [+blogger challenge.]

(Full Resolution found @ Flickr.)

I found out about this challenge by seeing a large picture very similar to the one above on Randi Lenroy’s flickr stream. I checked it out because usually when I see a grid done like this of skins, I have to check it out to see if there were any skins I wanted/didn’t know about. So, apparently, I am a skin whore. Though, I think most of my friends would tell me that they could’ve told me that without almost killing myself by doing this challenge.

It was great to do though, it gives you a lot of insight in to what you were in to at some point and the styles of skins that have been around as well as a great reminder of stores I might not have gone to visit lately or that I wanted to pick up other things but had forgotten.  It puts shit into perspective, let me tell you. I like how versatile my shapes face is, I was really amused at seeing each skin and what it looked like on me again.

So, thank you skin creators, without you I would probably be oh so bored in second life (well, hair creators help a lot too…). Thank you for putting all your hard work in to making me and thousands of over people live out a vision you had in your head and give it dozens of new faces through our unique shapes and own visions. You really do help shape a large part of second life and without you it would not be as visually stunning as it is.


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