[truth.] 10.14.2010

(High Res & Credits @ Flickr.)

It is Thursday and so we are granted new hair to place upon our heads, as per every near sacred hair thursday. I gotta say, Truth does like the best wavy/curly hair. Bebe is fucking adorable. I’d like to see more fro-style type deals, maybe some little whispy bangs or even tighter curls and more volume. I love how natural they look and how doll-like. I look so precious!

Aiyana comes with facepaint and a version with feathers in your hair. I don’t know if Mr. Hawks celebrates Thanksgiving but I know Canadian Thanksgiving was earlier this week and Americans like me have it next month and Aiyana would be perfect to get my little native on to party it up with some pilgrims… if you know what I mean. I’ll be your Pocahontas, Mr. Hawks if you be my John Smith. Awww yeah.

Nadine is almost Tennis-esque to me but I love Tennis and need to play it more often in all honesty. Just want to pick up a racket and go beat someones ass or, more than likely, get mine beat by someone who is half my age and just plays more than me. That’s really what happens when you’re a computer nerd. You suck at sports. Even human pong.



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