[cloven assassin]


It’s been quite some time..quite some time indeed. Second Life can be a bumpy road sometimes to say the least…but things have a way of smoothing themselves out.

Enough about that though. Fauns are pretty popular these days it seems, and it’s hard to blame it. There’s always something totally badass about mighty hooves that you can smash thine enemies face in with. RAHHH! *Ahem* Sorry about that. The hooves are from Gauze, I used to be good friends with the owner back in the day. Never a bad thing from that place, always quality stuff. I don’t wear hooves too often but..these kind of make me wanna stay a sexy hooved beast for a while. There’s also a version with spikes..oh lord..spikes..maybe I should have gotten that one. :X

One of the best parts of being a female av is having the world of skins just opened up to you completely. I never really liked LAQ skins though, I’ll be totally honest with you..they never matched up to my face well. But..BUT…the skin I’m wearing in the photo is from LAQ..their newest skin..and it’s pretty damn sexy. I love how they give you like a billion make up options too. The optional cleavage layer looks tasty.

THE HORNS! The tiny horns. Tiny..but powerful..they hold very strong tri-unicorn magic. Horns are another thing that I can be pretty picky about, normally I only like ram horns because I’m an Aries. But, my homie Nara Tairov over there is like the MISTRESS OF UNICORNS. Fantastic lil things, don’t really want to stop wearing them. I believe her store is called Turquoise Unicorn and I would recommend it highly. Nice unique eyes there too.

Flickr here for more info on other stuff. Photo taken here. Super cool sim..one of my favorites of all time..and they have a kickass store with weapons and armor and what not. Good stuff.

Fortune Cookie Words of Wisdom:
“The older the crab, the tougher his claw.”


3 thoughts on “[cloven assassin]

  1. Our credits are usually linked back and found on the actual images on Flickr. If you see at the bottom it says, “Flickr here for more info on other stuff” with a hyperlink! :)

  2. If I listed where everything was from the blog would be wayyy too long. I just list what I’m mostly excited about.


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