[wicked witch]

Halloween is almost upon us..and like always SL is all up in a tizzy with its spookiness and what not. Lots of hunts going on..lots of festivals to get exlusives. What’s not to like?

When I was a young lad I usually used to dress up like Dracula because back then..vampires were actually badass. Now they just like sparkle and whatever..pfft..get that out of here. I actually went as Megaman when I was really little once, how baller is that? Super nerd even back then. These years I usually just gorge on left over candy and watch a zombie movie. Still good times.

ANYWAYS! Onto the picture. The statement on the wall…pretty awesome..all I gotta say about that. We all feel like doing that to someone at some point! The hair/hat awesome combo is from Ploom. I’m not sure if its there at the main store, but it is at the Halloween Spooktacular going on right now. The dying hud that comes with this hair is absolutely fantastic. You can change the streak color for the hair, the belt color for the hat, and the hat itself. Very nice.

The cardi and jeans are from Atomic..which happens to be where the Halloween Spooktacular is by chance. Everything from that place is ace..I’ve been meaning to join up on the VIP group one of these days. Good developers deserve as much money as they can get to keep pumping out new and cool fashions.

The sim is pretty cool. It’s very Silent Hillish at the start and as you get deeper in it kinda turns into like a weird carnival thing. There’s also zombies that attack you..so if you wanna slay some zombies..you can do it up. I will say though..the particle fog there is crazy..SO MUCH FOG. I just turned off particles and it looked a lot better. Also in that room I took the pic there’s like giant spinny glowy lights..it was so hard to get a good angle with that thing messing my camera up. Also, 2D cut outs of things are not scary..they just look goofy..there was like a clown with boxers on in the attic and he was just like :D. So goofy. But still..that aside the build is nice and so its the ambiance. You can check it out here.

Flickr here for more info on stuff.


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