[the stranger]

Biggity boom boom bang.

Been trying to be a man these days..scrounging for any sort of decent men’s clothes and hairs. I’d like to see places like Plastik or League do some more male stuff. There’s really a lack of quality male items out there, you gotta dig deep or just go to Sey and Grasp a million times. It’s a hard life! Probably why 90% of SL men are fugly.

But, I seem able to put something sexy together. I won’t lie, I’m not the biggest fan of most LeLutka hair..a lot of it seems alil too puffy. But their short hairs are very nice, and that hat hair I’m wearing is a must by for EVERYONE..man or woman..buy that right now..it’s adorable. It’s like if Link was a punk and wore a fedora. Nothing wrong with that.

Pipes..phew..who doesn’t like a nice pipe? It brings ya back to the old days, the Hobbit days, the days where you can kick back on your hill and comb your foot hair. *Sniffs* Good times, man. Anyway, BwO Pipes Shop seems to be the place to get em. I was just looking for a simple sculpted pipe..nothing crazy..and they got some nice ones. Also they seem to do some sort of aid for children thing, which I think is awesome.

The sim I took it at seems pretty popular..it’s an RP sim about crime and what not..and the build of it is actually REALLY nice. Probably the best looking city I’ve seen in game. A lot of other cities just look a bit noobish or not fully done. The only problem is the lag..phew..I pretty much swooped in..took the pic and swooped out before I could crash. That’s one of the reasons I rarely RP..it’s just so laggy. It can kinda kill the RP mood when you start walking into a wall. *Snorts* Check the place out here.

More details on stuff in the pic here.


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