[fade like a shadow]

Continuation of being a manly man..even though I’m a chick right at this moment in-world. Second Life takes awhile to grasp my attention these days..not much to do on it..not many people coming on anymore. The potential of SL is pretty huge..it can be super duper fun as long as you make it that way and not surround yourself with drama like vultures going for a corpse.

But, oh well. Not much else to do.

COCO is a fantastic store, so much stuff there it honestly boggles my mind. That’s where I got these opened jeans from and they are pretty damn saucy. Normally pants like that never fit me right but these needed minimal editing. Still gotta get that leopard print long coat from there..that thing is pimp.

I’m not sure if I ever gave a shout-out to Nuuna’s Skins for making awesome face tattoos/paint. I love stuff like that. More of the face sets from that place would be much appreciated. Sometimes you just gotta get your WAR FACE on before you go into the battle known as life!

Ahem..well..not much else to say. Who knows if Ver is ever going to blog again cause she’s sucked into WoW like it’s a black hole. :V Maybe I’ll try to do a different post..maybe one of the weird people one..but I assume that would get a lot of hate from the readers. People can’t laugh at themselves it seems. We’ll see.

Flickr here for more info on stuff.


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