Yo, yo, yo.

So, I’ve been playing Skate 3 like an insane amount lately. Game is seriously fun..can be very frustrating though. I used to have a skateboard, actually I think it’s still tucked away somewhere in my basement..I could not ride that thing at all. It amazes me what people can do on those things and makes me a bit jealous. So..playin’ a game is the next best thing! So..that’s pretty much the uhh inspiration for this pic.

Anyways..I went to…the Marketplace? I guess it’s called now? They changed the name of that damn thing like 3 times..and was looking for a skateboard with poses. Found one from LEAR that looked nice..checked it out and it was as good as sold. Pretty much exactly what I was looking for. It’s like a box and it rezzes the skateboard and a poseball, and it has 5 different poses in it. Kinda wish there was more poses..but can’t really complain. I gotta go back and check more of their stuff out.

The top and the AMAZING ZEBRA LEGGINGS are from The Whore. What a fitting name for that place..phew..my god. Everything shows your buttcrack or your boobs are hanging right out or both! Now..that ain’t a bad thing..in some cases..but don’t be surprised if you get picked up on the streets! There’s been some bad jazz between The Whore and Luck Inc if I’m not mistaken..but you know, both places are chock full of slutty goodness..and that’s what really matters. Sluts bring us all together. *Sniffs*

The sim..I don’t even know..it was a pain to take the pic at because it has a one minute return time..it’s an RP sim so thats why. It looked like a good urban dark grungy nasty place though. So, check it out here if you want a place to RP at or take a very fast pic at.

Flickr here for more info on stuff.

Keep yo pimp hand strong, people.


2 thoughts on “[sk8]

  1. I vote for….NO quitting!
    You give people something nice to see AND to read, unlike most blogs where they either have nothing to say, or always the same sort of items to show. (Usually popular stuff that’s been given to them and blogged to death, now THATS boring) So, if it were upto me, you’re not allowed to quit :D

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