Give me your face!


I love taking pics of faces, most of my SL photo folder is just random peoples faces..most of them being goofy. But, I think everyone should give doing profile shots a…shot. *Blinks* Anyways..even if you don’t know Photoshop too well or Gimp..or whatever photo editing program there is out’s always fun to just get arty with it. Doing these random pics and my friends are pretty much what keep me logging onto SL.

It seems a lot of people need “breaks” or people just stop logging on completely..I never really understand it. One of my old SL friends stopped going on completely because they say it’s all a bunch of drama. Phew…I can sympathize with that a bit..I think anyone thats been on for awhile has had to deal with some bad mojo every now and then. But, drama only happens when you let it. Some people just don’t understand how much control they have over a situation and how many other roads life can lead you down. Like those rant posts I made? Spark up a fight in a heartbeat..and those posts ALWAYS get the most views because people probably already smell the blood in the water. What it boils down to in the end…is that people crave attention…and when people that want attention clash with other people that want attention..that’s when the uhh dookie hits the fan. Personally I can get into a drama bomb, fight with someone like we’re in the squared circle..come out of it and shake their hand.

But, drama should scare NO ONE away from the magical world of Second Life. Because Second Life is exactly what the name’s a life outside of your own..a life of your making. You can do literally ANYTHING you want, go WHERE EVER you want…you can do it all. You could ride a bear dressed up as the Juggernaut while killing zombies if you really wanted to. What’s not to like about that situation? So, if that’s the case..then why do so many people leave? Why do so many people surround themselves with drama? I have no clue. It is their I said..but then why do so many people complain about it?

People on SL care too much or don’t care enough. Both ways spark up drama, two sides of the same coin in a way. Some people take things too close to heart, expect too much..and then get let down and spread drama like a plague. There’s others that can’t take a joke, can’t relax, always have to be like the pinnacle of seriousness. It’s like they act like an SL A-list celebrity. *Scoffs* Some people just have to get down and dirty!

Other people don’t care enough. There’s been countless of times when I start to get close to someone..consider them a good friend or closer than that..and then POOF! CYA! Stop talking completely. They’ll pop back in from time to time..oh sure..say that they care about you and still love you..but the proof is right in the pudding. Attention, it’s all about the attention. To me it’s all about learning when to care and when not to care..and that can be a sketchy juggle.

Your face is your identity. People on SL will have similar bodies..but the face is where differences are…unless their in a noob avatar of course. That face is your stamp, your signet, something that you can imprint on peoples minds so hopefully they won’t forget about you when or if they ever decide to fade away. You make your face, you sculpt it to your liking..tweak the nose a lil bit..maybe give a lil creepy smile or something. I’ve always liked the fact you can pop one of your eyes out. *Cackles* Ahem..anyways. Just like your face, you can sculpt your life. People may feel things can get out of hand or that the future they had planned is crushed from an event or that they never had a future to begin with. That isn’t true at all because you always have the reins of your own life in your hands. You guide it.

The life behind that face is more important than any make-up you might slap on it to get attention, and that goes for the people you meet as well.

Well..that went on a bit longer than expected. They are just my opinions about drama and people and whatever. I don’t expect anyone to read it..don’t expect anyone to like it. Just my two cents.

Just…try not to forget a face, please.


3 thoughts on “Give me your face!

  1. I agree. :S I do not necessarily understand the reasoning behind people’s interest in stirring up drama. Perhaps it is what makes them feel alive? Attention? – Or maybe it is anonynimity.

    They may feel a sense of empowerment, especially when it comes to slapping people on their Mute-list when they’ve finished pushing their bs in somebody’s face and are now ready to hunt for more victims; a walking landmine.

    Decent friends are hard to come by, but I’ve made it my personal aim to tread steady, remain a skeptic until proven otherwise. Everyone has the opportunity to prove themselves, but most do not understand that they only have one shot to do so. :> First impressions are lasting.

    /end of bla-rant

    Thanks for the read. :)

    • You make very good points, I totally agree with you. Sometimes I wish people would just mute right away. People like to drag stuff out even when I say I’m done, lol.

      But yeah, it seems like you gotta test the waters a lot when it comes to getting to know people..or your foot could get chomped off.

  2. Couldn’t of put it better myself :)
    Drama is everywhere, even in real life. It’s just unavoidable like that.

    The great thing about SL is the mute button :P I think some people forget it even exists. If only there was a mute button in RL eh?

    Let the quitters be quitters.

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