League – Amber Demo


I swear being a female av makes me waste so much more money on skins and clothes and everything.

I mean look at that skin..them lips..the shading..pretty damn impressive. League skins have always been among my favorite, top of the list actually. LAQ and League always have fantastic textures..it’s realistic without being too “hyper realistic”. The “hyper realistic” skins always creep me out..even more so with the male ones..phew..those are scary.

Whenever I get non poor I’ll definitely be picking it up. You should too! Well..unless you’re a guy..but even then you should still buy it! Go over to League and check it out. I had no idea they released a new skin until my girl Crystalin Clayton told me, so I figured I would spread the word..even thought I may be behind. :X

Flickr here for higher res. If you wanna know where anything is from just ask, I don’t bite…hard.

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