Hmm…I don’t even remember when I took this pic, honestly.

The skin in it is like the only other male skin I ever wear..and it’s from the same place as my other one..Buried. They really do in my opinion have the best male skins..because they aren’t too detailed and have a bit of a cartoonish shading which I think looks really good. When I first got my Buried skin I felt like a comic book super villain. But, lemme say this about Buried..the people that hang out there..phew. They’re like real life scene kids that hang out at malls all day and fluff their egos..I can’t stand it. That place is almost my SL Hell. *Shivers* But..when I wade through all those stupid people..I always go to check if there’s anything new..never is. I would LOVE more skins from there.

The goggles are from the same place the eyes are from..Tokugawa. They have a very small selection..but the quality is far above the quantity. Great, great detail on everything from that place. The sculpts are very smooth, textures look great. The eyes are color change for the uhh glowy iris. And the goggles have like a function to “turn on” and the lenses get all blue and glowy. It’s quite badass.

Whenever I do a pic I always try to find a sim first before I resort to using a greenscreen. When it comes to SL..greenscreening is noooot my favorite thing to do. The depth of having an actual background looks a lot better in my eyes..even if some of the SL textures aren’t very high res. So, this place I came across through the destination guide. It’s very Warhammer 40k, which is badass. Check it out here.

Flickr here for more info on stuff and higher res and all that saucy stuff.


2 thoughts on “[disconnect]

  1. :o I remember Buried. You’re talking about the people who sit right at the landing point, or congregate around like a bu-..

    Yes, annoying. x3 Very, annoying. As are the occasional ones who will stalk you for cash. I’m pretty sure most are under the age of 18 as well. xD

    Nice shot.

    • Haha, yeah. Most of the time I can’t even TP to there because of those people just standing around not even doing anything. It’s damn annoying in every way possible.

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