[dominating tranquility]

Ahhh..what do we have here? A new look!

Now this look is pretty much based off of playing a Draenei on WoW for the past couple of days..cause that’s how bored I’ve become. Pretty much exactly how I wrote my RP profile for the character..well..besides the wings and the fluffy hooves. Not many people may dig the muscular look..but I do. Athletic and toned women are very sexy, in my opinion.

It took me awhile to find a place with good muscular female skins. Looking it up on the Marketplace usually just brought up the weird prim muscle bodies..which are SCARY! But, someone wearing one of the skins let me know where it was from..for some reason I never thought of asking around. The main place is called Verotic Skins, but there’s a section dedicated to demons called Violet Studios. Demons can be a bit trendy on SL, but I don’t really care..I think the skin is fantastic..good tones and what not. The face is a lil glossy..but that is easily balanced out by the body oil from Alessandra. They have a huge selection of stuff..shapes, hooves, wings, cyber demon stuff..phew. It’s pretty sweet.

Sadly I can’t go into detail about BOTH naughty bits. Don’t want to get in trouble. But, I can atleast use the word boobies so…there we go. The BOOBIES are from Lolas and oh…my god. They are so fancy..and look absolutely fantastic. Prim boobies usually don’t look that great..but these are spectacular. They even come with clothing options and piercing options. The only bad thing about them is the prim nips..I had to hide them because I cannot match the skintone AT ALL because the texture is a default pinkish fleshtone..and it doesn’t look right when made purplish. Kind of sad at that..but they do still look great and have a ton of options.

There’s just so much I like about this av..I could go on for days. The hooves are from Gauze, and I gotta say I think they’re the best hooves on the market. Alpha layer, color change, full leg or half leg fur options. That’s what I’m talking about. If you ever want to be a cloven hoofed sexy beast..go over there and check those out. They even have a different pair with SPIKES on them..badass. I will probably go to SLink and pick up the uhh clawed feet though..cause those are just adorable.

The place I took the pic at is a place that I go to on a daily basis. I shouldn’t use the full name though..but it’s the FFFC. You can uhh..go there and see whats it’s all about. Let’s just say..you might want to avoid it if you don’t like big, meaty sausage. If you ever do go there, fair reader, and you see me..feel free to message me. I don’t bite TOO hard..well..maybe a lil. It’s an adventure..an experience..you may even become a bit addicted if you spend too much time there. *Wink*

Naughty version of the pic here, if you’re a MATURE ADULT..please check it out..it’s much better. Nice version here.


2 thoughts on “[dominating tranquility]

  1. Hemi Violet and Violet Studios is the premier location in SL for cyber-demon/ess, demon/ess and muscular human skins.

    Her work is unparalleled, of the highest quality and she stands behind every damned item she sells.

    Have some of that.

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