Sorry if I’ve been slacking a bit on the updates. Considering it seems as if this is a one man show now..I guess I’ll have to update more often. @_@

Let’s see here..well..still being a purple muscled demon lady..quite happy with it..very quite happy indeed. It’s interesting to do something that way back in the day I would have never even thought of enjoying. Tastes tend to change over time. I used to HATE beans so much..like..I could not handle the textures of beans. Baked beans..refried..pfft..couldn’t stand em! But now..beans are FANTASTIC! Oh god..so good. I could eat beans all day. Ahem…what was I talking about?

Oh right. All of you readers out there should try something different with your av. Maybe some dark, secret thing that you might not want others to know you’re into..just put it out there..try it out. I know a lot of girls these days are making male avs, and I like that. It’s a damn good thing to explore in such an open world.

ANYWAYS! Onto the picture..the outfit..whatever. I absolutely love armor. Tech armor or old school armor, doesn’t matter. There’s just something about looking like you’re a king or queen about to smite down your enemies. Grollwerk, in my personal opinion, makes the best tech armor out there. You can see for yourself in the pic that the sculpts are nice and smooth, well done textures, everything you need. Comes with different options for certain pieces..and comes with a nice gun you can pose with. The armor is also color change, which is very..very nice. If you’ve never been there before or you’re looking for armor for like a sci-fi RP or something, go there now! The queen demands it done!

Ahhh..what else..what else. The hair is from EGO which is one of the only places to get good quality male hair. They don’t have a very big selection..but what they do have is nice. They have some wicked dreads that I want to pick up..and some long hair that does not look bad. And THAT for men is extremely rare. Long hair for guys is always like..overly poofy..or has a side part so you always look like some magical model all the time. But, even male hair looks good on girls! Just like some girl hairs look good on guys. Unisex, baby.

The sim is a place I’ve been to before quite some time ago. It’s extremely trippy to say the least. Very very blueish green..very very pretty. They have some weird freebies laying around too if I remember correctly. There’s like lil platforms that you fly across and stuff..oh and there’s a teleporter that puts you up into some like..star zone area. It’s a good exploration time! Check it out here.

Flickr here for more info on stuff and tasty higher res.

Don’t be afraid to message me in-world for any ideas about blogs I can do, or even stuff to review. Sometimes I can be a bit distracted though..so you might have to drop a notecard on me or something..or smack me.


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