Not very Christmasy, I know.

Again, I apologize for the lack of posts. My motivation for keeping this blog updated all the time is just in the toilet to say the least. The only reason why I started to blog was because of…you know who…and now that she seems to be completely dead to the world..well..almost makes me want this blog to just die as well. Maybe I’ll start my own down the line or make another with someone else. I have no clue. This blog has been decently popular which is why I loathe to just bail on it like…you know who. Still not sure if any of you readers would care though..if you do..leave a comment or IM me or something. I’m not the most exciting blogger for sure..it wouldn’t surprise me if I put most of you to sleep. *Snorts*

Anyways..even though SL can be quite boring..shopping is always a fun thing to do! I’ve had the arms for awhile..I’m not even sure if I’ve ever mentioned them before in a previous post..but I love them so much I can do it twice anyway. They’re from Losthaven which is a FABULOUS store. Armor, avatars, accessories, they even have a tabletop game! Good sculpts, fair prices..definitely check it out..also a very cool store design.

The bulge..oh bulges..how I love thee. Every store needs to make things with bulges, I swear. The store is abbreviated FuFa and let’s just say it caters to a uhh..ahem..special type of person. Some of the best bulge sculpts I’ve seen though and good texturing. It is a bit steep on the prices..but oh well..you can’t get stuff like this most places. The thong isn’t from there though..that’s from Water Babies. Both good stores, both have a copious amount of bulgetasticness. So, if that’s your cup of tea..then go…GO!

Flickr here for more info on stuff.

Stay frosty, my friends.


2 thoughts on “[malevolent]

  1. I vote for….NO quitting!
    You give people something nice to see AND to read, unlike most blogs where they either have nothing to say, or always the same sort of items to show. (Usually popular stuff that’s been given to them and blogged to death, now THATS boring) So, if it were upto me, you’re not allowed to quit :D

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