[somewhere in time]

Christmas time is over for the most part, and I didn’t do a wintery themed picture yet..so I figured why not.

It seems like snowy sims are extremely hard to find..or at least good looking ones. Most winter themed sims have like 2D cutouts of penguins wearing sunglasses and like MS Word status clip-art of Santa Claus and the old school default SL trees that just look horrible. I love the snow, the winter, the cold..just brings something out in a person. So, it was a joy to finally come across this sim called Leroy in the destination guide. It’s a lovely landscape with magical glowing trees, a place where you can dance in the middle, and some awesome looking mountains. I wasn’t even planning on taking a pic right then and there..but I zoomed out and was like..whoa…d00d…this looks magnificent. I..feel as though I should make a Lerroy Jenkins reference because of the sim name..but I’LL CONTROL MYSELF! Oh god..wait I just did..damnit!

The title for the pic is from one of my favorite songs of all time by one of my favorite bands of all time. The song is called The Haunting(Somewhere In Time) by Kamelot. It’s like opera..it’s like metal..it’s like everything anyone ever needs. Simone Simons from the band Epica does the female vocal part..and she’s one of the HOTTEST chicks ever in the entire universe. Even hotter than some alien chicks! That’s right. I enjoy me some red heads..what can I say? Anyways..I think anyone that’s lost someone can relate to the song, and haven’t we all?

Flickr here to see it in higher res..even though the quality isn’t that great..my graphics don’t seem to like dark scenery..but OH WELL I still like how it turned out.

Keep warm, friends.


2 thoughts on “[somewhere in time]

  1. That is an amazing picture. There are a few sims out there with winter themes, i tried my best with my city theme sim to give it the winter feel, but you can still only do so much in SL. XD

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