Hello hello my peoples.

Well, maybe it’s because I’ve been playing a male goblin rogue on WoW as of late..but I feel the BURLY MANLY FIRE in my heart again. So, I’ve been a d00d quite frequently as of late. I personally do prefer to be a chick with…*ahem* something extra more, but because my av was a male for such a long time..and I do still enjoy it..I’ll always bounce back and forth with my gender.

Male skins are still a total pain in the ass to find..or at least good quality ones. The skin in the pic is from Abyss, and I used to wear one of their older skins all the time back in the day. They always come out with nice skins or clothes or they have these REALLY cute full female avs in like lil doll boxes..I want one of them SO bad..always have. But, enough of dolls..this is MAN TIME! HOORAH!!! The muscle detail is pretty delicious I gotta say..at first I wasn’t crazy about it but..unf..its nice. The only..ONLY..problem I have with the skin is the lips. They look REALLY bold..I wouldn’t say lipstick status but definitely close to it. If anyone can like..tell me where I could get a good lip overlay for it..let me know. It’s not THAT bad..for sure..I still like the skin a lot..everything else about it is quite perfect.

I wear that necklace all the time..it’s probably my favorite one because it always fits just right even with collared shirts and what not. It’s from an outfit though made by the good people at Vigo Creations. They cater towards..*almost pukes a lil* Gorean RP clothes. But..Gor is just another fantasy world..that uses fantasy clothes..so I really don’t care. Clothing is clothing..just because I wear something made for Gor doesn’t mean I have to put a collar on some chick and whip her like a mule..right? I mean..I still might do that…..maybe……*ahem* ANYWAY! Uhh..yeah..they always have great stuff..pretty damn cheap too for full outfits. And last time I was there they actually had a free resize script for sale that you can stick in your prim items. Now THAT is service.

Flickr here for more info on stuff. It’s not the most complex pic..but I figured what the hell..might as well get something slapped up on here.


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