Salutations to you, blog readers.

Being a purple demon lady thing is just way too fun, honestly. I can’t help but enjoy it. Odd colored skins are just so fantastic to me. Although it can be kind of hard to wear purple clothes sometimes.

Anyways, I love art, I really do. Pretty much grew up around it almost my whole life..and well..art class was always my favorite. So, when there’s new exhibits that pop up in SL I have to go to them. A lot of people might find them boring or whatever..but I think its amazing. This place I took the pic at is…interesting. If you want to read up on what it’s all about go here. I didn’t poke around too much..because I was just aiming to take a picture and that’s it..but I’ll definitely go back there to mess around. There’s a majestic tower of spirals going up pretty damn high with that strange clock like thing I was standing on. I’m not sure what the spinning thing does..but it certainly looks cool! You can check the sim out here.

I have to point out the top I’m wearing in the picture..I mean really..those boobs? Fantastic. The top is from TavWear and they cater to clothing for prim boobies. I mean..what more do I need in life? They don’t have a huge selection, but what they do have is really nice..I need to get one of their bikinis for sure. Cause really..the worst part of wearing prim boobies is you can’t really wear most normal tops unless the shirt is so low cut your boobs would be hanging out already. So, having a store to get more clothes for my inflatable pool toys is a good thing. All of you out there should go out and get some prim knockers! Even the guys too!

I mean..everyone knows this store..anyone could probably look at this pic and be like BAM! THOSE LEGGINGS ARE FROM PLASTIK! Well, they are from Plastik! I mean..what the hell is not to like from that place? So much selection it makes my head spin and makes me want to spend a million lindens there. Skins, accessories, giant raver pants, sexy ass lil dresses….the list goes on. And the owner is like…super duper beautiful..just gotta throw that out there! Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling…in my pants.

What I’ve been doing a lot lately is kind of attaching songs to my pictures..because well that’s what I’m listening to at the time..or what just goes through my head after I take a look at it for awhile. The song that influenced this is called Awake by Textures. Lemme just say it’s one of the best songs I’ve ever heard in my entire life. The lyrics are amazing..emotional..and something I can personally connect to from a lot of situations. Again..it’s metal..so if that isn’t your cup of tea then you probably won’t like it…but give it a listen anyway..it’s real good.

ANYWAY..uhh yeah..Flickr here and all that razzazmatazz.



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