SL Wrestling…zomg.

SO LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHIN’ BROTHERRRR! This is probably one of the greatest..most hilarious things on SL.

You take the goofiness of pro wrestling..and combine it with the goofiness of Second Life…and oh my goodness..what a goofy stew you have. It’s goofy in all the right ways’s entertainment at it’s finest honestly. Live commentary, people lagging out all over the place when they’re trying to fight, epic entrances with terrible music. I mean really..what’s not to like?

Back in the day wrestling was awesome…now a days it’s pretty horrible. They embraced the goofiness back then..they had clowns and sumo wrestlers and beastly undead men who are extremely badass. Now it’s just a bunch of normal guys..not really anything to them..not a lot of gimmicks..blah. Everyone knows wrestling is “fake” but it’s like a soap opera, you know? The drama is there as long as you can just forget about the script and get into it.

And, being as there isn’t much to do on SL sometimes…why not go to a wrestling show? It’s something different..something kooky..and it will probably make you giggle. It’s like wrestling roleplay, is what it is. You might even want to be a wrestler! You never know…so get that spandex ready.

The place is called the VWE (Virtual Wrestling Entertainment), and you can check it out here. There’s a show going on right now as I type if you read this right away..well you can come check it out! No clue when the next show is..but they do have schedules and a group to keep people updated.


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