I started working on this picture last night..was fiddling with it for such a long time..was going to make a pool of blood underneath me and whatever..buuuut I just couldn’t get it to look right and it was a bit…over dramatic. So, I just decided to keep it simple..keep it clean..but still have that sense of well..nothingness. But, that’s how I get when I act all emo and stuff..so I try to just get some of those emotions out with art or listening to music or whatever. *Sighs* Always helps to an extent. Sometimes I think my mind has a mind of its own..wait..what?

Anyways..enough about me. The bikini is from Grasp and that place is always fantastic. I mean look at those textures, come on. It even includes a version with the strap coming off the shoulder to be all sexy like,”Unf..hello there..you come here often?” Their jackets are my favorite though..they have a new one that I don’t have yet and I want it SO BAD! It’s got fluffy things on the collar and sleeves and well..fluff is great. If you’ve never been there..go and check it out..you’ll buy something for sure.

The ears, ahhh the ears. I love..LOVE droopy long ears. Straight up one of the most adorable things ever. Visavi definitely did it right with these ears..the piercings are perfect..sculpt is nice..a BUTT TON of texture choices..that’s right..butt ton. I haven’t even been to their store in forever though so I bet there’s all types of new goodies there. Anything from that place is going to be of the up most quality…and you will not be disappointed.

As I said..I generally listen to music when I get all emotional or when I’m just working on a picture in general. The flavor of the night was Nine Inch Nails..a band that has been in my life for such a long time..their music helped me through the awkward middle to high school days for sure. I remember me and my friend just sitting inside while it was storming really bad outside and just listening non stop to their albums. Everyone knows who they are..I probably don’t even have to write all this right now..but you know..I don’t care. They’re a band that anyone that’s gone through hard times can connect to, very artistic, very genius. Also in this video, a young Marilyn Manson makes an appearance! Even though he’s not my fav..still kinda neat.

Not sure what else to write..Flickr here for more info on stuffs.



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