[G-WTF.] 01.12.1011

( higher res + credits @ Flickr. )

Well, this is where I’ve been when I’ve been in Second Life. If you aren’t able to tell instantly, I’ve been lurking Gor Hub. Now I know here comes the mild vomiting in peoples mouths but you’ve gotta be a bit open-minded, here. I Role-played Gor well over a year ago for the first time. I had no clue what I was doing and I decided to throw myself into an in-character slaver house that had classes a few days a week with the slaver who taught a group of us girls and even answered our questions. It taught me everything I knew and I ended up being a great Kajira. That was my learning experience. As I immersed deeper and learned more I became aware of Torvaldsland. Still, I was bound as a Kajira at the time and couldn’t just go off and make the switch.

Time passed, I feel out of Role-Play for various reasons. Some involving how terrible a lot of people are at role-playing in the Gorean atmosphere, some of it the lack of role-play versus pew pew and more so how terrible of a bias a lot of people who role-play gor have against unique characters or people who haven’t read the books. Still, I always wanted to go back to Gor. I always wanted to role-play in Torvaldsland. Bond-maids were much more appealing than southern silk slaves and Jarls… well, I’m sorry but I’d pick a Viking over a Roman or a Sultan any day (Roman, Viking and Sultans are what the different regions are vaguely modeled after for attire and etc).

Once I started getting time to get back in to Second Life, I decided I was going to Role-play again and I made sure to stick with it. It was almost a personal demand of myself. immersing myself in a different world for a little time a day (I don’t role-play in warcraft) is one part of second life i’ve always loved. I never did it for the e-secks and to this day refuse to have that be the main base of my rp (gtfo you pervs). I role-play a bond-maid; A slave girl of the north and I love it.  Her background story makes her quite the characters who has a lot of room to evolve and I hope to explore those chances to their fullest. I’m a mother fucking evee, okay?!

So, through all the text I’d like to say that my posts will involve a lot of Gorean things. Gorean outfits, partial pieces of my Gorean life. I like to keep a record of my characters story through Gor, adding on as each day of role-play adds in just another bit of character background. My flickr most likely will have a lot more of those than this blog, though so if you’re interested to keep up to date with my characters storyline, add me there.

Anyways, like I said — Credits @ Flickr!


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