[truth.] 01.06.2011 [+ i’m late + ohai.]

[ Tatum | Pepper | Nyssa ]

( larger @ Flickr. )

I know this is ridiculously late and I also know I haven’t been around in ages but I have excuses.

Firstly, the times I tried to post these, wordpress would freak out and not let me embed the images. Yes, I know I could’ve switched in to HTML editing of the blogpost… but I am lazy. Extremely lazy. Once all websites added their own little button clickies, my ability to manually do html magically disappeared. < a href=” zzz…

Secondly, Cataclysm. I’m in a pretty decently serious guild. Honestly, we would be at least top US ranked if it wasn’t for the fact that we trusted 15 other people within the guild to also want to push for a top US or even a top world (like we used to have back in the day in Vanilla). We spent the time doing 25-man raids where people didn’t do everything they could for themselves and we ended up just carrying a bunch of people who’d show up with no clue to fight mechanics and we finally just switched to 10-mans, intent on atleast making it to a top on the server for this round of content. There’s no way for us to catch up now for the current tier. We’ll be able to do it, mind you. We have some of the highest ranked DPS, Healers and Tanks on World of Logs. It’s just a matter of now there’s us 10 dedicated versus 10-dedicated 15-carry-me-plz.

Regardless! Hello, I am slowly trying to get back on track and what better way to start it off with Mister Hawks? His hair never ceases to amaze me — or stop getting released. He does amazing work on having a release every week and the work never slacks in quality. My cueball enjoys this thoroughly.


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