[G-WTF.] 01.15.2011

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr!)

Well, this is a bit later in the day than I’ve been doing mainly because I’ve been pretty busy today with some real life and also some second life stuff. More or less brainstorming what to do with this blog; It’s not going anywhere! It’s just me now though, so I am unsure if Sithas will be creating their own blog for any of you who were fans to follow or not. Regardless, I have to question what direction this blog will go. Will I keep it open to most things or will I try to keep it mainly Gorean. It’s hard to decide. I feel like I will keep it open. Boxing this blog down in to only one category would really streamline it but would allow me less freedom and I don’t want that. I’m still someone outside of Gor and I still have that part of me, too!

Another thing is I plan on doing more than just daily looks from Gor. I want to spotlight my favorite stores and I want to showcase my favorite sims. I want to express my opinion on how I view a character within the realm of Gor and I want to open the door for understanding. Elle has done a great job of it and part of bringing in more people interested in it, is educating them about it so they don’t come in clueless and get ridiculed. That would be counter productive.

Anyways, this is a little less Northern and Winter and a bit more Forest permitting.  I love these feet from Slink and I can’t wear them all the time when I RP in Torvaldsland. The only time I’m able to bring them out is when I’m in a Long House which is very minimal currently in my RP. I also love my anklets from Razoregalia. As seamless as the feet are, I feel a bit better about them with something on the ankles and the brown is my Gorean comfort colour.

The burlap sack-thing I’m wearing underneath the Haori from Tomoto is from a tiny little hunt from Somapop. I’m not sure if it’s still on but this is from Diapop and it isn’t marketed as Gorean but it fits so well! So well, in fact that you can wear it without the haori and still look perfectly Gorean!


6 thoughts on “[G-WTF.] 01.15.2011

  1. I’ll still be here. Will also be hitting you up on info in regards to all things Gor, from your perspective, which is one I trust. You could do two blogs, one streamlined for Gor related things and another for all the other stuff but I see you getting spread thin and possibly overwhelmed. So you do what you do so well, and if people wanna read they will and if they don’t, well, then don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split!! LoL. Hugs and all that other mushy junk!!

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  3. Could you let me know exactly which Diapop hunt box you found the burlap “thingie” in? i have opened all of the boxes (thought i had found all of them) yet not found this dress. Thanks!

    • Sure, sorry for the delay.
      It was in the diapop room.

      “very lil somapop hunt no 23 :)”

      is the exact item name.

  4. Hi hun
    Couldnt find that sweet backpack you wear on that pic..u know if that shop is still open? btw love your outfits, super cute ^^

    • I don’t think Fatale sells that specific backpack any more, though I’m sure you can notecard the creator. They only had a different one for sale last time I went and looked, it seemed like they were focusing more on furniture and pre-fabs than clothings and accessories now.

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