[TRUTH.] 01.14.2011 + May’s Soul

( Yolanda | Yolanda2 + Bangs | Tilda) (May’s Soul Suscribo Gift)

Late as usual but with my wisdom teeth having been pulled out and me being so hopped up on pain killers because of it, I can once again claim that I have a valid excuse. This is also why i’ve been so slow on LOTDs and such. These are Mr. Hawks latest releases and from a Gor Nerd’s perspective, Yolanda is so cute for a Slave Girl or even any girl from the North, including the Free. The bangs may cover the eyes a bit too much for a Slave if you use them, I feel like Slave Girls don’t exactly get a ton of fancy haircuts all the time and the side-swept version is more becoming for them but who am I to judge?!

Tilda is also very cute for a Slave. In Second Life Gor, it seems a bit more permitting for the girls to have a larger variety of haircuts so this length is adorable, with the barrette. To be honest, I’d wear like any and all Truth hair in RP simply because I fucking love it all so much. No ones gonna complain, right?!

The outfit though, I got from May’s Soul. I joined their suscribo last time I was there and this was given out, I think, last night. It’s so cute! I love that it came with undies and a belt. I hate when a camisk is just… a camisk. It’s so flat! I like accessories. No, actually I love them but we’ve gone over this a dozen times.  I like that it’s gold, too. I don’t own a lot of gold in Gor or Otherwise so branching out and putting this on was really refreshing from my usual.  Still, it is a camisk and it’s not summer time so my bond-maid self must tuck it away for the summer or when ever we visit the south. The belt, however, will be used a lot.


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