WELCOME TEENS – A Message From Verinne.

Hello, as everyone knows, it’s all integrated now and while lurking about in Gor I realized that with teens on the grid, there comes a problem for Gor. I first enjoyed RPing as a teen and with Gor as a huge primary to SL RP I wanted to make a personal statement regarding my thoughts, based on my own speculation that teens looking to use SL also as an outlet to RP may be drawn to Gor by stumbling onto Gorean clothing stores, weaponry and other miscellaneous items. So…

Gor isn’t for you Kids, come play when you’re 18.

Most, if not all sims require actual age verification over just payment info verification but we have to remember that stores don’t always follow that and to be careful of the possibility of under-age girls possibly dressing as Kajirae and Bond-Maids to get a Master while lurking one of those. It sounds far-fetched but it could happen and I’d rather not have the Gorean community get in trouble for it. I like my Gor. And sluts, try not to flash around the whole slut thing on general rated stores, too. You shouldn’t regardless, buuuuut, you know, sometimes you head out to a store in some slutty slut clothes and then scramble to find a rating appropriate outfit.

I don’t know how I feel about the merge in a whole. I think it’ll cause some major problems for LL, some they may not be ready for — especially more eyes on their content and their safe-guarding of keeping it out of childrens hands. IMVU has had to put in place serious content observation and I hope to all that is holy, that LL doesn’t create guidelines for the adult community like that.


/end rant.


3 thoughts on “WELCOME TEENS – A Message From Verinne.

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, that a very adult community such as Gor will attract the (naturally) curious young teens. But it’s not only Gor where they will be attracted to. I noticed another “dangerous” playground, one that hides itself behind names like Teen adoption agencies, for kids age 14-19. These adults’ motives are very questionable and I hope everyone will keep their eyes wide open and report these vultures as soon as they cross the line.

  2. I’m very worried about this, but one aspect to keep in mind is there have always been teens on the maingrid that have slipped through the cracks.
    I believe with the new change, teens are only allowed onto PG regions? I certainly hope so at least…

    Anerwais! Nice post Ver, I agree

  3. I agree and I have been fighting with LL for quite awhile now to Enable Age Verification to require ID. For those that don’t know LL no longer requires ID to access Adult Regions. Not only did this help prevent Minors from accessing adult content, but it prevented griefers from constantly rolling alts for the simple purpose of griefing. I am worried for both reasons both because I have friends under 18 I have known for years and have falsely verified, I believe they are more than mature enough I don’t want to get them banned since I knew them for Years so I wont report them, although they don’t RP in GOR my point is they have access to it because they are verified. I have been griefed as well because Linden Lab removed age verification griefers have made multiple accounts and using my name griefed quite a few Gorean regions, and other adult regions like NoR pretending to be an alt of me, even looking at the ban lists and yelling Unban me or I grief you more and such. Had Linden Lab have left age verify on for both these reasons griefers wouldn’t be able to get banned by LL make another alt and come right back 30 seconds later to repeat it is very bad.

    * Lets not forget that Pedophiles can access SL from almost anywhere any free WI-FI location trick a teen into a date, break the Law by having sexual contact with someone under 18, even something like murder and they will never be found and just another missing persons report. These are the dangers of allowing minors access to SL, I agree that the grid merge had both good and bad reasons, but LL needs to do more to protect those under the age of 18. People argue me too that its up to the parents which is true, but sometimes kids keep secrets too well and its up to more than the parents.* A pornographic video can be disturbing, but SL for example is more dangerous.*

    If you want to help out help push Linden Lab to force *Age Verification Again.* I will glady re age verify again even if it takes a few days to get access back to adult content to make sure more kids are safe, and less griefers can get into adult areas.

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