[AL VULO!] Troy in Fairy

(I highly suggest checking out the HIGH RES @ Flickr.)

I haven’t done a skin in a long time because I always feel like how I blog isn’t good enough to review them but when I saw Troy and the lips I couldn’t help it. The shine on them and the teeth option are perfect! I remember being asked to make shapes for a few Al Vulo! Skins in the past but never got around to it, I was unsure because I hadn’t heard of them before and when I first demo’d the skins I still wasn’t sure. As time went on I saw more people around the grid and feeds wearing them and I realized that the demo’s did no justice for the skins. When this one came out, though, I was totally blown away.  Hlin is doing so well and Al Vulo! is definitely on my skin watchers list now (if the fact that the name is Gorean and so is Hlin wasn’t a good enough reason already.)

Fairy is the lightest tone and comes with hairbase, cleavage and teeth or no-teeth options; as well as all the different options combined for maximum customer happiness, of course! The hairbase is brown I think, though and I wear very light light hair so I never use one (Dear Truth, please make hairbases for your hair colours…). I’m not a fan of a ton of different lip-sticks so the neutral lips on all of these with the eye-shadows being the primary change is great. I don’t commonly wear make-up right now in my RP because my character doesn’t fit it but when she does become more “refined” I am sure she’ll learn the art of make-up and such and I will want to keep it to nice but subtle eye-shadows, like in these skins.

I have another thing from Al Vulo! to blog at some point, one of the full avatars you can find in the store that includes everything you need. It’s tailored to Gorean RP and features a special exclusive outfit to the avatar from Gor Gurls as well as a skin only available with it as well.

Oh and one more thing, please please don’t use the cleavage option if you’re half naked or not in a shirt that can create that push-up effect. Again, as Elle expressed it — Sticky boobs aren’t cute unless you want to look like you have overfilled terribly placed implants, which I don’t believe they had on Gor.


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