[G-WTF.] 02.03.2011

(High Res & Credits @ Flickr. )

Yes yes, I know, I’ve been missing for like ever and I am far behind. This is actually a look I had a week or two ago that I was too drugged up on pain-killers from my wisdom teeth to get the motivation to post. I’m finally almost feeling 100% again, though I got an infection in my lower left socket and have been hazy on antibiotics. Regardless, I am working to get back in my groove and what-not, including building. This outfit was a gift to myself, especially the kirtle from Silk Worms. It was a bit pricey for me because I’m a cheap whore but so worth it. When my Jarl decided for us to join a sim, this was my “yay a home sim” present to me! We now reside at Ironhall though we still travel around all the time so you never know where we might just show up to cause trouble (mainly me on the trouble part~).

The cute fur wrap and boots are from May’s Soul and you’ll probably see me post more and more things with things from there. They make the cutest outfits with the cutest accessories. There are so many outfits I want to buy simply because they come with so many things you can mix and match — of which, I have a dual look I’m working on that uses pieces from one outfit to create two. I love versatility in an outfit when I buy it and May’s Soul outfits have it in bucket-loads.


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