[TRUTH.] 01.28.2011 Release

Billy | Neve | Odette | Odette + Bangs

(High Res & Credits @ Flickr.)

Latest release from Truth. I know I missed a week, I’ m sorry! I  just never got around to posting it, the image itself is on my flickr stream but looking at it, I was obviously drugged up… it’s kind of horrendous. Regardless, this week features some super cute ones. I think all of them, including Billy are usable in Gor. Neve has my Jarls seal of approval; His term for it was, “fluffy” and I agree, it is quite cute and fluffy (ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE). Odette is a favorite of mine, it’s very feminine and is great with or without the bangs. I like it when I’m trying to look more elegant and pretty than what I normally do, with casual styles like Neve.  It’s made me realize that my face fits romantic curls well!

The outfit is what happens when you’re lazy and have ended up being naked for the majority of the passed few days. I saw the chains over on Elle’s blog a while ago and had to go pick them up. The silks from Arachne weren’t the greatest (in my opinion) but dear ___ (insert whatever), these chains are perfect. So well done, I adore them. Things like these chains are what make me want to walk around in almost nothing. Why? Because they make wearing almost nothing look so good. Still, sometimes I gotta cover up my goodies and I have a massive collection of camisks and so, this one matched perfectly, from Haven Designs.


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