[twee.] st. patricks day promo, Sinistyle st. patricks release and Little Sherberts 100L sale.

Well, St. Patricks day is coming so Krius made some fancy four-leaf stuff… which kind of got out of hand because I kept telling him to make multiple pieces, he said no but in the end, made more then he had planned. Regardless, they look great and they’re all I’ve been walking around in since he made them (and I’m in the vendor! yay!)

I made some splattery paints with hand prints and some celtic-warrior inspired face paint. Hand prints on ass and chest and I would say they are easily unisex but if i’m wrong I apologize! lol. The paints also come with two extra gloves that are transferrable, just in case you want it to look like someone else is the culprit for the handprints all over you.

There is also a 100L sale going on at Little Sherberts, a store owned by Creme Seubert, who is hella sweet and she sells hybrid pieces. Her sale includes her Rabbit sets, Mouse sets and her new Dragon Boots.

Everyones been busy and I think I might have one or two more things to throw up involving irish-ish. That is, unless my family drags me away from the PC due to the fact that well, I’m Irish and we will be celebrating.


Visit Sinistyle @ Sinistyle

Visit [twee.] @ Depraved Nation

Visit Little Sherberts @ Brei Vaukia

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