The way things are.

I can spare you all the idiotic details but this post is a rant. I do that a lot, don’t I? Blogging is good for that, though. Having a public place to express your personal opinion — regardless if other people agree or not, has a good soothing quality to it. To anyone who walks among the realm of the Goreans, you become familiar with stores and their store types. Which try to stay more by-the-book while others are more “evolved”. I don’t favour evolved, there is already a very unhappy “Gorean” blogger out there so upset over the fact that I said “jeans/denim isn’t Gorean” that she made a point to tell me to not comment on her blog. She didn’t name drop but I mean, come on… obvious. But seriously, if you’re role-playing, why are you gonna just wear shit you wear when you’re just out at a club? Yeah, no.

This post isn’t about how denim isn’t Gorean or how Gor Evolved isn’t really Gor, it’s just fantasy roleplay that people shoved the tag Gorean on it so they would actually have a world in which to have their “free women” bouncing around with giant bows and swords with their titties rolling out of their tank tops. No, it’s not about that. It’s also not about the fact the Gor Evolved clothing is just casual clothing with some Gorean words shoved in their titles like “Talender” or “Larma” even though they’re cargo pants and hoodies. No, I’m not trying to say this shit didn’t exist in Gor. There are plenty of ways it could have correctly existed… I just haven’t seen a believable one yet.

No, this is about how some people, who consider themselves to hold themselves to  Gorean principles when role-playing Gor, take it way too far because ooc/ic they don’t like something.

I had a bad run in with an alt of a store owner. Since this is my blog and I’m a mean bitch and what-not,  I have no shame in name dropping. The owner of Returned Karma, a store I used to visit every once and while but only bought things if it was 25L Tuesdays or 99L Sunday Specials — I won’t pay 400 Linden for templated/marketplace sculpty items unless they’re really, really well done. I won’t say I’m omitted from this group, the “marketplace sculpty group”.  It’s only recently that I’ve taken on the endeavour of learning Maya and what-not but the realization is that,  most things you buy for outlandish prices on marketplace for full permission sculpted ites are… so easy to make. All it takes is some time — or a really patient person to get migraines while teaching you,  for you to learn to basics and slowly pan out from there.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, Returned Karma chick. Like I said, sparing details because if I went bit by bit on this whole thing, she’d probably be totally mortified.  She got mad someone was talking to me and she felt “ignored”, or dejected as I said she was feeling during my long, rather one sided conversation with her. One sided by means that I was the only one who was formulating sentences. All she did was say it was none of my business (even though I was directly involved). Regardless, it caused a slight epiphany. Why is it that I, with such the terrible personality, big mouth, train-can-go-between-my-thighs legs (get it? Sup) can some how understand and accept the situations that happen in the RP I chose. If a guy in Gor wants to walk over to someone and say sup, even though you were kneeling at his boot, he’s gonna. Does that mean he has to take you? Not at all.  Gonna get huffy about it and whine to him for an hour because it hurt your feelings? Apparently that’s how you do it.  If you’re wearing someones collar, you should accept that you’ve got it on, not worry about them not caring. Do that once they remove your collar from you or tell you to go away. If they don’t do that, suck it up.  It’s RP and it’s Gorean RP.  No wonder people complain about whiny princesses.

Returned Karma girl, you have a terrible disposition and I don’t think that Gor is for you, which I think is ultimately expressed by your lean towards Evolved Gor where you were mingling with more By-the-book people. No, that doesn’t make anyone who prefers by-the-book as lifestylers, it just means we prefer our free women with their ta-tas covered up and drinking tea, not acting like they’re men with bows. This is neither me saying all Evolved Gor is bad. I know for a fact a few evolved sims go OUT OF THEIR WAY to make sure their Free Women are properly covering as much skin as possible yet still allow bows. I’ve visited them, they’re actually really good role play when you catch a group of people not there for a raid.

But yeah,  just my opinion, you know. For all I know, your personality fits in perfectly within Gor and the men who role-play it love for the girl on her knees, in their collar, telling them that they don’t like that they did something then talking shit about other people. Real cool, bro.

Oh, and to cover my bases. I expect angry comments as usual, so before I even have to deal with those angry friends of friends of friends and what-ever. Thank you for the visitor counts, pals!

P.S. I’m gonna get to work on some prim Gorean clothing and accessories. I’ve been meaning on doing shit with bones and leaves and “scavenged” items but I’m a lazy hooker and haven’t wanted to start doing it in Maya — though I have been working on a necklace! Terribly written and/or formatted wall of text is subject to excuse of, “I’ve been drugged up on cold medicine for a long time”.


11 thoughts on “The way things are.

  1. *insert some random no sense anger comment just cause I could*

    Can’t wait to see what sculpty stuff you make. Wish ya luck.

  2. Looking like some distorted kid with roboteyes and downsyndrome in a fishnet isn’t gorean either. Just sayin’.

    • FISHNETS are gorean, how the fuck did fishermen catch there fish other then by spear or “fishing pole”. here you go!
      Three other men of the Forkbeard attended to fishing, two with a net, sweeping it along the side of the serpent, for parsit fish, and the third, near the stem, with a hook and line, baited with vulo liver, for the white-bellied grunt, a large game fish which haunts the plankton banks to feed on parsit fish.
      —Marauders of Gor, p 59

      Go read the books and or research before you try and correct someone.

      And Ver. I 100% agree with you ._. even if I am one of those idiots who runs around in jeans sometimes..

  3. I agree with you Eli… DENIM is not fucking gorean… Since when do goreans know anything about zippers…. Denim was never mentioned in any of the books I read as a chosen textile. The them of the book deals with allot of medieval like clothing..
    Denim was not invented until 1866.
    I happen to think your characters more original then all these fat lipped pouty ass faces I’ve seen.

  4. I also agree, denim has nothing to do with Gor. As Gor is ,like said before, more medieval type clothing and fabrics.

    Comments on the shape in the picture, Face beautiful, no overly sized lips that make her look like a fish. Cute round head the draws the eyes to it. Nice pick on skin to match the shape. Now my opinion on the hips are to wide but that is my liking and shouldn’t be seen as an attack.
    Just like real life, bodies come in so many different versions.

  5. For once I agree with you on the denim but yet again you’re jumping on people for silly shit when you your self are walking around looking like you fell face first onto a stapler and I’m all for heterochromia I used to do it on my own avi except I figured out how to crack half the iris on one eye making it more realistic,

    All you’ve done there is give yourself one normal(ish because people’s eyes don’t glow like headlamps) eye and one that looks like you have fucking bazi plague.

    Ranting will never change GE players, that’s just how that set is… Don’t like it then stay away (Frank will prob ban you anyway).

    And agree with the above, yes your hips are too wide you need to draw them in a bit and inflate the ass a lil more, you’re a bit like flat Stanley.

    London X

  6. I find it ironic that you have nothing better to do than read a blog of someone you don’t like :)

    I mean, I can’t complain because it just gives me more traffic but what does that say about yourself?

    Both of my eyes actually are fullbright. Why? Because I prefer and so, that’s how they’ll stay. Sorry, bro.

    And more-so, if you are who I assume you are. You’re being quite the hypocrite, aren’t you? Then again, with how much you go out of your way to respond to each personal opinion of mine, you don’t even need to be anyone to already be hypocritical :)

    But hey, what ever floats your little boat there, right?

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