[wtf.] 04.15.2011

(High Res + Credits @ Flickr. )

Haven’t posted a casual outfit in a while. I’ve been neglectful, I apologize. I plan on doing Gor outfits again soon as I have been coveting, well, a ton. I want to post “earth” outfits too regularly because I kind of like to change clothing a lot regardless of where I am. I’ve just been sick, is all. By sick, I mean probably near death, lost tons of weight due to total loss of appetite, on two weeks of antibiotics after being sick with strep for over a week and only went to the doctor and found out it was strep because I also got an ear infection from it all. If there was a time in my life where I felt close to thinking I had the plague, this was it. I swore I was going to hack up a lung — or both. Happily, I am able to breath without feeling like each inhale is full of asbestos and am slowly trying to get back to work. There’s a lot of sidetracking in there too and most of it can be successfully named “Borderlands”.

Anyways, I still read fashion feeds a lot. I think some people think over time you stop and I know for a while I stopped checking them but I do and one thing I have kind of refused to do since, well the beginning of Awesome Sauce, is to post outfit credits in the post and re-direct them to Flickr. Flickr is way more streamline for me but at this stage I think I’m comfortable enough with posting credits on the end of my posts. I feel like it’s less of a hassle for people and my flickr is active enough with active flickr members, I shouldn’t force people who don’t use flickr to have to go to it.

So, without further whatever. I give you me, unintentionally channeling Ke$ha.

Hair: MILANA ~ Lynn [light blondes.]
Skin: MYNERVA ~ Kia [tone 5 + different brows.]
Lashes: REDGRAVE ~ Black Darling Lashes
Makeup: [TWEE.] ~ Riot Eyeshadow [abyss.]
Eyes: [TWEE.] ~ Starbright Eyes [left – acid.] [right – bahama.]
Piercings: [TWEE.] ~ Liska [in silver.]
(yeah I know, i’ll be shoving silver versions into all new releases with the blacks.)
Teeth: [PXL] ~ Mouth Open Add-on
Freckles: AL VULO! ~ Troy [came with troy skin.]
Blush: NATURAL BEAUTY ~ Blush 2
Tattoo: GARDEN OF KU ~ Rock and Beers [medium.]

String Necklace: ILLUSIONS ~ Cord Necklace
Rosary: SINISTYLE ~ Hail Mary Rosary

Top: LEAGUE ~ Ribbon Tied Tanktop [pure.]
Shorts: LEAGUE ~ Frayed Denim Shorts [light dirty.]
Belt: ACID & MALA ~ Kiss My Ass Belt
Boots: J’S ~ Western Boots

Whats stuck in my head:

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