[gor.] The act of being a Hypocrite.

As most people who read this blog know, I am regularly a part of ridiculous arguments — which turn in to arguments because people can’t seemingly successfully debate. People apparently are so fragile in their ego’s these days that if anyone tries to speak up against their opinion, they take it overly personal. Even if this person has publicly stated it, if you are to say anything otherwise you become overly aggressive and are attacking them. Or even fanatical in your own opinion. There are many frail women, mainly in the younger group of Gor (even I fall in to the younger, though not frail esteemed.) who, when they express their opinion openly in public, it is merely for attention and if anyone tries to say something otherwise, well, they’re suddenly a no-lifed, pathetic excuse for a human in real-life with no reason to live except to apparently live out a twisted fantasy in a virtual world pretending to be something your not. Yeah, that’s why I have a RL picture of myself in my profile and post them regularly on flickr — I’m totally ashamed of who I am. Oh please.

I should be sleeping right now. I should’ve been sleeping hours ago but I have a puppy — who has been officially named Nova, attempting to devour my blankets and waking up constantly and I have to go take her out. This is why I don’t have children. A dog is close enough and it already strains my patience. Still, after watching The Tourist (which is great but I am biased…) I tabbed in and happened to read some word vomit by some girl by the name of  mikuchiza wonder. I quickly read over what she had to say and she seemed to be talking about how vomit-inducing it is that John Norman, writer of the Gorean series, suggested that girls under the age of 18 were sold as slaves. Now, no-where did he say an actual age of when a girl was sexually used and a good read for that will be linked below that highlights and has direct book quotes stating the whole situation between “Gor and Child Slavery” but she seemed very certain that “by-the-book” roleplayers were in-fact pedophiles for RPing in a world where this is “okay” to do.

Now, would that mean anyone who Role-Plays any type of environment that had slavery — like Capua, which is a very popular sim now, are pedophiles? It takes place in ancient Rome. I doubt there was an age of consent back then and I’m sure girls of 14-15 were sold as slaves. There is even hints of it in Spartacus — the show the sim is based off of, with two of the slave girls being seemingly very young or coming of age and one being thrown in to being used for entertainment. This suggests that even say, Arthur Golden, writer of Memoirs of a Geisha is a pervert because he wrote a book detailing the sale of a girls virginity. If you go through the time frame, I’m pretty certain Sayuri was only around 16 as she stated she was 15 when she saw the chairman again and Mameha and Sayuri made her beat Hatsumomo and Pumpkin in, what, Six Months?

It’s fiction and like it or not, it’s happened in the past. That doesn’t mean people Role-Playing Gor are there to age play.  That doesn’t mean it was right or wrong. It was a different time period and people had different morals. Ancient Rome was accepting of homosexuality and look at society now — we’re still so stuck that it’s “wrong” that we can’t even allow same sex to marry. It’s not about what was right or wrong then, it’s what people accept as morally wrong now. There is proof that sexual exposure to young children and those who are actually under 17 or 18 ( I honestly am going from memory of a documentary or article I read) may have detrimental effects to psychological development and cause emotional issues. Most of us can agree on this and that is why it’s morally wrong for that in society now. It’s knowledge that didn’t exist back then.

Regardless, I won’t sit around and have someone try to talk shit and then go on to try to insult how my avatar looks (I get the hip remarks regularly, people really need to get new material) without speaking my own personal opinion on the matter. I just do it more publicly than in the middle of Gor Hub where I suddenly play victim cause someone talked back to me. Call my avatar fat, ugly, etc… all you want but when you want to argue points, get your facts straight.

For further, more in-depth discussion on the subject, Gorean Wines has a great post relating directly to this subject:  Gorean Wines: Gor and Child Slavery.

“I look like a 12 year old but you’re all totally pedophiles.”

(High Res @ Flickr.)


One thought on “[gor.] The act of being a Hypocrite.

  1. Hello. Just learned about gorean today. Your comments were very interesting. Modern society seems very concerned about age. Victorians and young women living
    on the American frontier married early.

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