[wtf.] 04.22.2011

(High Res @ Flickr.)

Back to my roots! At least, pretty close. Before the beginning of 2011, I was 95% of the time in digitigrade though mainly hooves. Still, it was an awesome feeling to shove on some leg alpha layers and not just have prim feet on like I have been due to laziness as well as role-playing (Gor isn’t down with the hooved/pawed/whatever’d people, unless you’re a kurii).  With multiple items on each attachment point given to us now in the basic 2.0 viewer — which I use, it made adding bangles to the paws way less obnoxious. No more rezzing the legs themselves and linking, yay!

This all started last night when I noticed a post from a flickr contact. I lurk flickr as much as I lurk the fashion feeds, the Gorean feeds (which sadly is very slow-moving) as well as plurk from time to time and I saw this tail pop up and checked out its youtube video. It looks pretty great, animation-wise from the video so I hopped over to go pick it up but there was no demo. That is pretty sad-face but one of the owners popped up and happily put one on for me to see which confirmed how nicely made it was for me so i bought it =P It really is fantastic so if you enjoy hybrid parts at all, I’d suggest picking one up.

Hair: ELIKATIRA ~ Just [white.]
Skin: MYNERVA ~ Kia [tone 5.]
Lashes: (GLAM AFFAIR?) BEAUTY AVATAR ~ Celebrity Lashes 06
Eyes: [TWEE.] ~ Star Bright Eyes [l – acid.] [r – bahama.]
Freckles: AL VULO ~ [from troy skin.]
Teeth: PXL ~ Mouth Add-on
Piercings: [TWEE.] ~ Liska [in silver.] + Cheeky [spikes + silver.] + dimple layer
Tattoo: AYUMI ~ Leopard Spots
Collar: SINISTYLE ~ Isis Collar
Ears and Digitigrade Feline Legs: Mutation Industries ~ Cat Person Parts [white.]
Tail: HOW VEXING ~ Animated Tail
(awesome movement in a tail Bangles: RAZOREGALIA ~ Gazellver Anklets + Nornir Anklets
Dress + Gloves: GRAVES ~ Skimpy
(cant see it but shows the ass and the booty shines are …amaaaaazing.)

and awesome choreography:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Fy5X9C-vtA

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