Shoe Fair 2011 [2.] – N-CORE

( High Res @ Flickr.)

N Core has come a long way from when I first heard about them over a year ago. And by a long way I mean more so the popularity they obviously deserve instead of being  just a random tucked away store with great shoes I remember it as. Their shoes are all over the feeds now-a-days and I mean, the feet are gorgeous. I really don’t want to take any of these off.

For Shoe Fair, N-Core has a limited edition version of Sense 2 out that is a reptile/snakeskin and they’re so well done. Snakeskin is a hard thing to do in Second-Life with how SL likes to eat quality and warp things and it looks great on these. I wish the pictures did it justice but I suck and they don’t!

( High Res @ Flickr.)

Sense 2 sports a ton of different options and these are only a few colours to pick from. The HUD is easy, and I literally took about… 15 seconds to skin match. I’m not even kidding. The options for base tones and the colour picker make it simple and all shoes have options for buckle, heel tip, toe ring colours as well as sole, heel, nail polish. It all changes. It’s amaaaaazing. The reptile ones are the far left and I really highly suggest checking out the high-res image as well as visiting the N-Core booth to oogle.

( High Res @ Flickr.)

N Core has a ton of other shoes set out to tempt you to spend your entire life savings and I’d suggest giving in. The bow on Caresse is actually just a ruffle and it’s very subtle and not over done. I don’t like super frilly shoes and I think it’s just enough to compliment the shoe. Caprice is very slinky, a bit similar to Caresse but more “hey baby lets do it” versus “hey, let’s get to know each other first”. Atleast, my personal opinion. I might just be ridiculous.

All N Core shoes come with a great HUD, the ability to wear either stockings or socks and stocking layers included. One of the main booths I’d suggest checking out, among others.

Shoe Fair 2011 starts tomorrow, Saturday May 14 2011 @ Noon SLT  (12pm SLT). For a list on participants and links to the sims check out my other posts on the event!

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