Shoe Fair 2011 [3.] – Purrfect 10

(High Res @ Flickr.)

Purrfect 10 isn’t a name I’ve heard before but they make a good presentation at this years Shoe Fair. The shoes, as you can see are very well textured and sexy. They have primary colour schemes and all have the ability to colour scheme change to secondary on each different piece of the shoe. The secondary always seems to be black — which I don’t mind at all. Black goes with everything… and everything I own is pretty much black. Goes together perfectly!

(High Res @ Flickr.)

The shoes available at Shoe Fair by Purrfect 10 include the Florence Heels in this post plus many others and is definitely worth a demo. Still, personally there were a few annoyances with them but with them being a new designer, I’m sure the kinks will be worked out soon.

There is no hud, which you can get by if you’re familiar with editing prims but the way you are suggested to color them is by a 3rd party program out of SL. I tried it and it worked decently well but I prefer my own manual abilities. I figured out how to get through their click menu with little effort though but it took me a while to tweak my foot tint. Other then that, my biggest issue with them is they are no mod — which I can get by with but they are full bright. The menu has no selection to remove full bright which almost renders the shoes unwearable. Fullbright is the devil.

They’re minor for the most part but with someone who has little patience like me and an extreme allergic reaction to all that is fullbright, it made me hella sadface :(

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