Shoe Fair 2011 [5.] – Bellballs

(High Res @ Flickr.)

I’m just gonna put this out there right now — I love sandals. I lived in Los Angeles for two years and every day I can’t wait to move back. All I owned were gorgeous sandals like these, and even now while I’m on the boring east coast (sorry east coast, don’t hate) I still own a ton of sandals and walk around barefoot no matter what. Well, snow makes me wear boots but that’s all. Fuck you, snow.

(High Res @ Flickr.)

These sandals by Bellballs are so cute they make me want to go find a pair for myself in RL. The studs are colour change, thre are multiple nail-polishes and they were very easy to tone match with the HUD. Though I think my matching was a bit off on the close ups but I’ve been staring at HUDs for two days now so bare with me — I promise I’m not a retard.

You get all stud colours included via the HUD so you purchase skin tone packs. There are three packs, lights, mediums and darks and each has two different lighter or darker of each. I was more of the medium which surprised me but the lights are very adjusted for the very fair skins that sometimes get neglected in SL.

Bellballs is located @ Ruthenium

For store lists, check out our other post @ Awesome Sauce – Shoe Fair [1.]

For the official Shoe Fair 2011 Blog:


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