Shoe Fair 2011 [6.] – Pixel Mode

(High Res @ Flickr.)

I’m not particularly fond of wedges, which is why when I say I really like these by Pixel Mode, it’s really surprising. Then again, Pixel Mode always makes great shoes and the Fae Wedges are no exception.  The detail in the foot itself is amazing, especially the back heel. The shoes are so summery they almost tempt me to walk around in airy dresses and cute wedges myself… almost. I think my estrogen can only carry my femininity so far and I don’t think it’ll get me that far. Jeans my bff, yo.

( High Res @ Flickr.)

The Fae Wedge HUD that comes with them is, uh, gorgeous. It even has cute little sounds when I click around it! Multiple colour save spots, polish options and base skin tones to choose from, it’s a good HUD that won’t be confusing — you’ll just stare at it in awe for a few moments before you start tinting :P The HUD even allows you to tweak by slightly adjusting hue, saturation and lumination making fine tuning even simpler and the instruction notecard includes a huge list of RGB numbers for most of the most popular skins making peoples lives even easier.

I love when someone else does all the work for me *sigh* <3

For sim LMs and participant lists, check out our introduction post on the fair @ Awesome Sauce – Shoe Fair 2011 [1.] as well as all our other posts highlighting some of the best shoes you’ll find available at the event.

The official 2011 Shoe Fair Blog:


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